Global Fan Charts

Since introducing my Global Fan Charts these charts have become among the most popular pages on my Site. Click on the tabs on the upper left hand corner to take a look at the three charts available. The first charts to be added were the Top 10 Monthly Fan Chart  (which is not up now because it is being changed to a semi-annual chart) and the Top 40 Fan Chart.

In March of 2007, a new chart was added: 2006 Annual Global Fan Chart There are 60 countries listed on this chart. I was pleasantly surprised to learn I had fans in so many countries.

In January of this year, the 2007 Annual  Global Fan Chart was added. With no product out over the past few years, I was even more pleasantly surprised to learn that my fan base has increased to 76 countries. I am very blessed. This chart that will appear in January of each new year.

The charts show the countries from which my Fans have visited my site or written me. Several more years will be added in the coming weeks.

How the Fan Charts are Compiled

For those of you new to my Fan Charts, the Charts are based on your visitations to my Site, how long you stay , how many pages you view, and, the number of emails and fan mail I receive from your country This combination determines how your country is ranked.

I am indeed grateful and very humbled by your keeping me in your musical thoughts. Thanks you so much.