"Giving Back" comes easy to me because I have been very blessed with many things in my life. Nothing comes easy. I know. But if you work hard, study hard and stay focused, good things happen and you can "live your dreams."

I come from a small town and grew up with a strong sense of family. Reaching out and helping was something I witnessed often. When a family member or neighbor needed a helping hand, there was usually one there to give it. So in a way, I guess, helping others is something that comes naturally.

I'm not wealthy, so I can't give material things, but I can give of myself, my talents and my time. And I encourage all of you to do the same in your community. I have several passions that are important to me:

  • Helping and being a voice for the disadvantaged
  • The Athena Cage Scholarship Fund at Western Kentucky University
  • Keeping, restoring or establishing Music Education programs in our schools
  • Supporting Education generally
  • Supporting Youth Organizations, and
  • Supporting America's Armed Services 

The first labor of love that I will share will you will be my scholarship at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I had hoped to have it ready by now, but we're still working on it. Check back in a few days and hopefully the information will be here.