“We are honored to be asked by Athena to create works for her and her Official Website” 
                                                                                               . . . The Hults             

The beautiful downloads of IncrediMail and Outlook Express made available on my site earlier in the year (and will return next month); and some of the elaborate designs around featured pictures on my Home Page are the creative designs of The Hults of Denmark.

They've become good friends and make available "free of charge" some of the incredible designs on the Net. Please visit the Hults Website and download some of their incredible work.


The Hults are a retired married couple living just outside Copenhagen, the Capitol of Denmark, a small European country with a population of approximately 5 million people.

The Hults believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy their graphics, so they provide them free of charge and require no membership to download the awesome creations on their Site.

Their Site runs on donations which are used to pay for the maintenance of their Website, buying new software and upgrades for their graphics and Web pages. I encourage you to visit their site.  I am absolutely convinced you will fall in love with their designs as I have. If you feel the way I do I ask you to kindly consider making a donation to their Site so they can continue to offer their incredible works of art available to the world "without charge."

The Hults started making computer graphics in 2003. “None of us,” the Hults said, “are able to draw a straight line on a piece of paper but the use of computer software opened a whole new world for us. Suddenly we were able to create images none of us thought possible.” They added, “We shared our work with family and friends and due to their positive feedback we taught ourselves how to create.”